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Exam Answers 2019Ccna2 V6 zero Chapter 3

why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful?

On a low-speed link, these messages can eat much of the available bandwidth, especially if the network is massive or unstable. This gives dynamic routing protocols the power https://cryptolisting.org/coin/unity to adapt to logical community topology adjustments, tools failures or network outages ‘on the fly’.

What is a characteristic of a default static route group of answer choices?

What is a characteristic of a default static route? It identifies the gateway IP address to which the router sends all IP packets for which it does not have a learned or static route.

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(Choose two.) Static routing is more secure because it does not advertise over the community. Static routing requires little https://cex.io/ or no information of the community for proper implementation.

What Is The Correct Syntax Of A Floating Static Route?

Why would a summarized static route be configured on a router group of answer choices?

Why would a summarized static route be configured on a router? A summary route represents multiple networks. A summarized static route does not necessarily provide a better route than a routing protocol does. A default static route would provide a default gateway for a router that is connected to an ISP.

As each interface is added, the routing table automatically adds the related (‘C’) and local (‘L’) entries. Example 1-17 supplies an example of the routing desk with the immediately linked interfaces of R1 configured and activated.

In Figure 2-6, R1 would require four separate static routes to succeed in the 172.20.zero.0/sixteen to 172.23.zero.zero/sixteen networks. Instead, one abstract %keywords% static route can be configured and nonetheless provide connectivity to these networks.

  • The route to has been configured utilizing the exit interface whereas the path to 192.168.eleven.zero/24 has been configured utilizing the following-hop IPv4 handle.
  • Example 1-23 exhibits the configuration and verification of two static routes from R2 to achieve the 2 LANs on R1.
  • Although both are acceptable, there are some differences in how they operate.
  • After all, even with out routing to take care of, they need to have interface configuration modifications made.
  • Not if the routers are all configured to incorporate details about their static routes in the dynamic routing protocol.
  • But does Router2 must be reconfigured to know that the hyperlink to Campus 2 has moved?

What does the 5 at the end of the command signify?

Explanation: The 5 at the end of the command signifies administrative distance. This value indicates that the floating static route will appear in the routing table when the preferred route (with an administrative distance less than 5) is down.

These messages should be despatched throughout network segments just like some other packets. But unlike different packets within the network, these packets don’t include any data why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful? to or from a user. Instead, they comprise info that’s only helpful to the routers. Thus, from the users’ point of view, these packets are pure overhead.

Even extra popular than show interface are show ip interface and present ip interface transient. The present ip interface command offers tons of helpful details about the configuration and status of the IP protocol and its companies, on all interfaces. The show ip interface transient command supplies a fast https://www.binance.com/ status of the interfaces on the router, together with their IP address, Layer 2 status, and Layer three standing. In the figure, Router1 only needs a static route for the mixture 172.16.128.zero/17. Likewise, Router5 only wants a static route for the aggregate 172.16.zero.0/17.

What Two Pieces Of Information Are Needed In A Fully Specified Static Route To Eliminate Recursive Lookups? (Choose Two.)

The difference between static and dynamic routing lies in the desk entries updation. In static routing, the routing data is manually up to why are the pings from pc0 to server0 not successful? date while in dynamic routing the information is routinely up to date utilizing protocols.

The other options won’t work, as a result of the IP addresses outlined within the pool, 192.168.2.zero/28, are not routable on the Internet. A stub router or an edge router related to an ISP has only one different router as a connection. A default static route works in these %keywords% situations as a result of all traffic shall be despatched to one vacation spot. The default route is not configured on the gateway, but on the router sending traffic to the gateway.

Refer To The Exhibit. The Routing Table For R2 Is As Follows:

The ip dhcp pool command creates the name of a pool of addresses that the server can assign to hosts. In the R2 routing table, the route to succeed in community is labeled with an administrative distance of 1, which indicates that this is a static route.

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