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    • K-Pro Golden Cocoon Treatment Mask from Korea

      K-Pro Golden Cocoon Treatment Mask from Korea 🔆Instant Results Guaranteed🔆 [All natural ingredients] Proven key effects in just single use: >Whitening
      >Lightening wrinkles
      >Pores tightening

      Clinical test for aesthetic skin care shows that GOLDEN COCOON helps to lighten wrinkles, improves skin elasticity, promotes skin reproduction and has anti-aging effects which slows down the aging by 60-75%…

      Other Key Ingredients:

      [Korea ELL-6]
      Ell-6 – Natural plants extracted from within korea. Includes rare plants such as garden balsam, yeongsil, makka, bipartisan tree and yambin roots. Proven to cure skin irritations, provides skin relief, reduces outbreaks, enhances skin regeneration and moisturizes skin

      [Korea ELL-7]
      ELL-7 – An antioxidant composition containing herbal fruits such as plum, pomegranate, omija, jujube, bokunja and mulberry. Proven to have anti-aging and whitening effects

      [7 sheets per box]

      One box – $45
      Two boxes – $85
      Three boxes – $120

      Dm for orders!

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